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Redesign Your Foyer: 10 Designs to make a Lasting First Impression

As an interior designer, I believe the foyer is the heartbeat of a home’s decor. It’s where your personal style greets the world, offering a taste of the warmth and style that lie within. Whether your space is ample and inviting or cozy and compact, the right design choices can make your foyer not just a pass-through area but a standout feature of your home.

Foyer design ideas

Why Redesign Your Foyer?

First Impressions Matter

The foyer is the first glimpse into your home, setting the tone for the rest of your dwelling. It’s where guests form their first impressions and where you get to say, “Welcome to our home,” without speaking a word. A well-designed foyer speaks volumes about your taste and hospitality.

Personal Satisfaction

Beyond impressing visitors, your foyer is the first space you encounter when you come home. Its design can uplift your spirits and offer a sense of tranquility after a hectic day. It’s not just a space for others to enjoy, but a functional area that serves your family daily.

Increase in Home Value

From a practical standpoint, investing in your foyer can enhance your home’s marketability and appeal. A striking foyer can catch the eye of potential buyers if you ever decide to sell, potentially increasing the property’s overall value.

General Tips for Foyer Design

Designing a foyer requires a thoughtful approach where function meets form. Here’s how to achieve a balance:

Understanding Space and Functionality

Evaluate your foyer’s size and shape to decide what it can accommodate without feeling cluttered. This area should offer freedom of movement while providing essential amenities like coat racks, seating, or storage spaces.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

The color palette sets the mood. Neutral tones like grays and beiges offer versatility and can be livened up with colorful accents. For those who like a bit more drama, consider bold hues to make a more striking statement.

Lighting: The Key to Ambiance

Good lighting is crucial. It can make a small space feel larger and more welcoming. A statement light fixture, like a chandelier or pendant, can add both light and luxury to your space.

Lighting in big foyer

Furniture: Balancing Aesthetics and Practicality

Choose furniture that complements the scale of your foyer. A slim console table, a stylish bench, or chic chairs can serve practical needs while enhancing the area’s aesthetics.

Decorative Accents

Mirrors expand the space visually and brighten the area by reflecting light. Art pieces personalize the space, while decorative bowls or vases can add a touch of elegance.

Top 6 Foyer Design Trends

1. Nature-Inspired Elements

Integrating elements like potted plants, water features, or materials such as stone and wood can breathe life into your foyer. These elements bring a sense of calm and a hint of the outdoors inside.

nature inspired foyer

2. Bold Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are not just practical necessities but focal pieces that can transform a space. Oversized or sculptural lighting can turn an ordinary foyer into a sophisticated gallery.

Lighting in foyer

3. Eclectic Furniture

Mixing different furniture styles can give your foyer a curated look. Vintage pieces alongside modern ones tell a story of style evolution and personal taste.

eclectic foyer design

4. Smart Storage Solutions

Functional storage solutions like built-in cubbies, stylish hooks, and sleek shoe organizers keep the foyer tidy and well-organized, ensuring that functionality meets style.

Smart storage foyer

5. High-Impact Wall Art

Large-scale paintings or dynamic photo displays can captivate attention and set a vibrant tone for the entire home.

wall art in foyer

6. Vibrant Floor Patterns

Flooring can dramatically transform a space, and vibrant patterns are becoming increasingly popular in foyer designs. Whether it’s bold geometric tiles, intricate parquet designs, or colorful terrazzo, these floors can serve as a focal point and instantly draw the eye. This trend allows homeowners to express their unique style right from the first step inside.

Terrazzo flooring in foyer

Real-Life Transformations

Example 1: The Johnson Family – Urban Chic Revamp

Living in the heart of the city, the Johnsons wanted their home to reflect their modern aesthetic. They opted for a monochrome color palette and streamlined furniture, transforming their traditional foyer into a minimalist, chic entryway that impresses guests with its simplicity and elegance.

Foyer transformation

Example 2: The Anand Family – Rustic Warmth Introduction

The Anands embraced a rustic theme with warm wood tones, soft lighting, and handcrafted decor. Their foyer now features a custom wooden bench and a vintage rug, creating a cozy, inviting entry into their country-style home.

Foyer interior design

Example 3: The Carter Family – Minimalist Elegance

The Carters chose a minimalist design with a focus on space and light. With a neutral color scheme, simple yet sophisticated decor, and clean lines, their foyer reflects a serene, modern elegance that resonates throughout their home.

Foyer entrance design

Example 4: The Nguyen Family – Eclectic Collector’s Haven

The Nguyens are avid travelers and collectors, and they wanted their foyer to showcase their eclectic mix of artifacts and art collected from around the world. They transformed their foyer into a gallery-like space with custom shelving to display their treasures. Each piece tells a story, making the foyer not just a passageway but a journey through cultures and experiences. The backdrop is a neutral palette with spot lighting to highlight the artifacts, creating a warm, inviting, and intriguing entrance to their home.

Foyer collection display

Practical Steps to Start Your Redesign

Planning Your Design

Start by visualizing the desired outcome. Create a mood board with colors, textures, and furniture that inspire you.

Budgeting for the Redesign

Define a budget early in the process, including a contingency for unexpected costs. This will guide your decisions and help you prioritize expenses.

Finding the Right Professionals

For major changes, it’s beneficial to consult with experienced professionals. From designers to contractors, choose experts who understand your vision and can bring it to life.

In redesigning your foyer, you’re not just creating a space but an experience. Whether through bold design moves or subtle touches, your foyer can become a memorable, functional showcase of your home. Remember, the best redesigns combine practicality with personal style, creating a welcoming and impressive entry for everyone who walks through your door.


How can I make a small foyer appear larger?

Making a small foyer appear larger can be achieved through a few strategic design choices:
Mirrors: Adding a large mirror can visually double the space by reflecting light and the opposite walls.
Light Colors: Paint walls and use furnishings in light colors to make the space feel airier and more open.
Streamlined Furniture: Choose furniture that is proportional to the size of the foyer to avoid overcrowding. Pieces that are raised off the floor, such as console tables with thin legs or wall-mounted shelves, also help create a sense of more floor space.
Good Lighting: Ensure the foyer is well-lit, possibly with multiple light sources like a central fixture complemented by wall sconces or a table lamp on a console.

What are some key elements to include in a foyer design?

Key elements that should be considered in a foyer design include:
Functional Furniture: Items like a console table for dropping keys, a bench or chair for putting on shoes, and adequate storage solutions for coats and accessories.
Lighting: A mix of overhead lighting and accent lighting to create an inviting ambiance.
Decorative Accents: Artwork, mirrors, and decorative pieces that reflect personal style and add character to the space.
Durable Flooring: Since the foyer is a high-traffic area, choosing durable and easy-to-clean flooring materials like tile, hardwood, or laminate is essential.
Personal Touches: Personal items like family photos, a unique piece of art, or a custom decor item that makes the space feel unique and welcoming.

How do I choose the right color scheme for my foyer?

Choosing the right color scheme for your foyer involves considering the overall style of your home and the atmosphere you want to create:
Neutral Palettes: Soft shades like beige, gray, and whites create a versatile backdrop that can easily accommodate seasonal decorations or changing tastes.
Bold Colors: If you prefer a more dramatic entrance, opt for bold colors. Deep blues, vibrant greens, or rich earth tones can make a strong visual impact.
Harmony with Adjacent Spaces: Ensure the color scheme complements the colors used in adjacent rooms to create a cohesive look throughout your home.
Lighting: Consider how natural and artificial light will affect the colors in your foyer. Light can dramatically alter how a color appears, so testing paint samples at different times of the day is a practical approach.