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Showstopping Ways to Master Hollywood Regency Interior Design: Unleash your inner star

Have you ever dreamt of living like the stars in the glamorous world of Hollywood? Well, with the Hollywood Regency interior design style, you can bring that luxurious and opulent atmosphere into your very own home. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the history, key elements, and practical tips for incorporating this fabulous design style into your living space. So, sit back and get ready for the glitz and glamour that awaits!

Hollywood regency interior design

History of Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style

The Hollywood Regency style traces its roots back to the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1930s. It was during this time when movie stars and celebrities began embracing a new level of opulence and luxury in their personal lives, and interior designers took note. Iconic designers like William Haines and Dorothy Draper were among the pioneers who shaped this design movement, infusing their work with a blend of classical elegance and modern sophistication.

Over the years, the Hollywood Regency style has evolved, but it has always remained synonymous with glamour, luxury, and drama. Today, it continues to be a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of star-studded appeal to their living spaces.

Key Elements of Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style

Bold color palette

Hollywood Regency is known for its daring use of color. Think bold and vibrant hues, such as emerald green, deep red, and royal blue, contrasted with classic black and white or metallic gold and silver accents.

Hollywood regency interior design

Rich materials and textures

This style is all about luxury, and nothing says luxury better than sumptuous materials. Velvet, silk, and plush rugs are staples, along with mirrors, lacquered surfaces, and crystal chandeliers that add depth and shine.

Hollywood regency interior design

Dramatic patterns

Hollywood Regency isn’t afraid of going bold with patterns. Incorporate geometric designs, animal prints, and bold florals to make a statement in your space.

Hollywood regency interior design

Statement furniture

Choose furniture that exudes glamour and sophistication. Look for pieces with mirrored surfaces, tufted upholstery, and sleek lines.

Hollywood regency interior design

Layered accessories

To achieve a truly Hollywood Regency look, layer your space with carefully curated accessories. Decorative pillows, ornate mirrors, and beautiful artwork all contribute to the luxurious ambiance.

Hollywood regency interior design

How to incorporate Hollywood Regency Interior Design into your home

You don’t need to live in a mansion to bring the Hollywood Regency style into your home. Here are some simple ways to incorporate this glamorous design aesthetic:

  1. Start with color: Introduce a bold color palette to your space by painting an accent wall or investing in vibrant furniture pieces.
  2. Incorporate luxe materials: Add a touch of glamour with plush textiles and high-shine surfaces.
  3. Mix and match patterns: Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns for a striking and dramatic effect.
  4. Choose statement pieces: Invest in eye-catching furniture and décor to create focal points in your space.
  5. Accessorize: Complete the look with glamorous accessories like oversized mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and bold artwork.

Hollywood Regency Interior Design in different rooms

The Hollywood Regency style can be applied to any room in your home, creating an atmosphere of elegance and luxury.

Living Room

Incorporate plush sofas and armchairs with tufted upholstery, and add a mirrored coffee table or side tables. Use a combination of bold colors and patterns in your curtains, rugs, and throw pillows to make a statement.

Hollywood regency interior design

Dining Room

Choose a dining table with sleek lines and glossy finishes. Surround it with upholstered chairs in bold colors or patterns, and hang a sparkling chandelier overhead.

Hollywood regency interior design


Create a glamorous retreat with a tufted headboard, luxurious bedding, and mirrored nightstands. Add a plush area rug for added comfort and style.

Hollywood regency interior design


Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with marble countertops, gold fixtures, and a crystal chandelier. Add a plush bath mat and luxurious towels for a touch of Hollywood Regency opulence.

Hollywood regency interior design

Pros and Cons of Hollywood Regency Interior Design


  1. Unparalleled glamour and sophistication: Hollywood Regency design creates a luxurious and opulent atmosphere that is hard to achieve with other styles.
  2. Timeless appeal: Although it originated in the 1930s, the Hollywood Regency style remains popular and relevant today.
  3. Versatility: This design style can be applied to any room in your home and can be mixed with other styles for a unique and personalized look.


  1. Can be costly: Achieving the luxurious look of Hollywood Regency often requires investing in high-quality materials, statement furniture, and accessories, which can be expensive.
  2. Not for minimalists: If you prefer a minimalist or understated design aesthetic, the bold colors, patterns, and opulence of Hollywood Regency may not be to your taste.
  3. Can be overwhelming: The use of bold patterns and colors can sometimes create a visually busy space, which may not be suitable for everyone.


The Hollywood Regency interior design style is all about glamour, luxury, and drama. By incorporating bold colors, rich materials, and statement furniture pieces into your living spaces, you can create a home worthy of the stars. While this design style may not be for everyone, those who love a touch of sophistication and opulence will undoubtedly appreciate its timeless appeal.


Is Hollywood Regency style suitable for small spaces?

Yes, Hollywood Regency can work well in small spaces. Focus on adding bold colors and patterns, mirrored surfaces, and statement accessories to make the space feel more luxurious and glamorous

How can I incorporate Hollywood Regency style on a budget?

Start by adding smaller elements like throw pillows, curtains, or artwork with bold colors and patterns. Look for affordable statement pieces or DIY mirrored furniture to create the desired look without breaking the bank.

Can I mix Hollywood Regency with other interior design styles?

Absolutely! Mixing Hollywood Regency with other styles, such as mid-century modern, art deco, or even Scandinavian, can create a unique and personalized look. The key is to find a balance between the bold elements of Hollywood Regency and the subtler aspects of the other style.

What type of lighting should I use in a Hollywood Regency styled room?

Opt for lighting that adds glamour and sparkle, such as crystal chandeliers, table lamps with mirrored bases, or wall sconces with intricate designs. Don’t shy away from using multiple light sources to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere.

How can I update my Hollywood Regency styled room without a complete makeover?

Consider updating your space with new accessories, such as throw pillows, rugs, or artwork that incorporate the latest trends in colors and patterns. Alternatively, try swapping out smaller furniture pieces or painting an accent wall to refresh the look without a total overhaul